Technical Experts are Your Best Salespeople




How have membership sales been the last few months? Hitting your goals? Or, stagnant and the same old tired approach.   I believe leveraging an association’s technical specialists is a great sales tactic and builds a membership culture within the organization. Many associations have technical experts or specialists who possess valuable industry knowledge and can greatly enhance your membership recruitment endeavors.
These experts and the knowledge they possess is often worth the price of membership itself. Not that they will admit to it and may shy away from a sales role. So, encourage these folks to come on board in a consultative way. Your team can introduce them to prospects in public venues like short webinars, briefings, and conference calls to showcase their detailed industry knowledge. Think about it – these specialists can instantly boost your organization’s value prop.
What I’ve found is – if you can get those prospects registered for a webinar or to attend some programming featuring the specialist – you’ve accomplished three things.

  1. A person interested in the content.
  2. An issue that may be the gateway to further conversations
  3. The contact information needed to contact them about the content and other issues.

This, my friends, is called a lead.
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