The #1 Prospecting Tactic You Might Not Be Using



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How many times have you wrapped up a sales conversation and not utilized the best prospecting question, ever? “Based on what you know about our business – who do you know I should speak with?”
I could kick myself every time this opportunity slips by, because it’s an opportune moment essential to business that is difficult to get back.
Now, I’m not suggesting you solicit testimonials or personal recommendations at the end of every conversation. I’m simply proposing toward the end of the call or meeting, you pose the question. This is an effortless, yet incredibly underutilized sales tool that needs to be employed with every client at the close of your business.
Tape a reminder to your wall – have the question scrolling across your computer screen – or write it down in your notes – just make sure the question gets asked. Nine times out of 10 – your client is going to have a name or two to throw your way.


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