The Biggest Lesson Learned This Year



The biggest lesson I learned this year is the need to adapt. We need to adapt personally in our business and in our partners business.
To highlight this need to adapt; our associations have really been relying on live events as a big part of their revenue stream for years. However, with the pandemic, that just hasn’t been reality over the last year. Thus, creating the choice for our partners to adapt and create other opportunities for their members to engage in during this time or to do nothing.
If businesses, choose to adapt they have new opportunities through virtual events and webinar series. Such as 3D exhibit halls, member spotlight and newsletters and providing a space for members to sponsor and/or contribute content.
As we continue to learn this year, we all need to be willing to shift, adapt and be creative. This is how we will make it out of the other side.
I’m Bethany Murphy, Senior Business Development Director at The Moery Company, Best wishes.


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