The Great Resignation Era – Ask JP #092



Hello there, I’ve got another Ask JP for you today.  Someone asked me, “what do you think about the big resignation?”
I think one of the things that can be a little bit dangerous is we can make big assumptions about our career. We can look at these big trends, and then apply them to our own personal situation. What we’re looking at is this movement of employees is typically in seasonal jobs or entry-level positions, and this big resignation or movement affects a lot of them.
I am not advocating that if someone who does not have a decent job, is underappreciated, or is not adequately compensated, to not leave and try anything new. I think they’ve got all the power in the world to do that.
However, to assume that it’s happening in every firm, even the one where you work, and using that power you might not have could be a career mistake. I believe it is critical to be self-aware of where you are in their situation, and what capabilities you have to offer.  You should become more knowledgeable about the business that your company or association is in, what’s going on with them, and what they might be able to do.
It’s a great time for candid conversations.  I’m reminded of a scene from one of my favorite movies, Cool Hand Luke, where Paul Newman is bluffing and raises everybody and eventually gets everybody to fold leaving him with nothing.  George Kennedy said, something to the effect of, “that’s the way he came at me in that fight we had, with nothing.”  Then Paul Newman looks with those baby blues and that wry smile, and said, “sometimes nothing is a pretty cool hand.”
Think about that, as you move forward.  Be smart and self-aware about your situation.  I think you’ll be fine. Talk soon. Bye-bye.
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