The Importance of Small Business – Association Field Report (December 4, 2020)



Small Business Saturday, I love it – it happened just last weekend. However, you should know that it’s small business everyday here. I want to give association leaders some food for thought because now is important time to think about the small businesses that you work with.
Everybody loves to talk about how important small businesses are, however, does that talk translate into action? And, right now, you’re going through your budget and you’re making decisions about what small businesses you’re going to keep and which ones you’re not going to work with next year. My advice? Think about the ones that are delivering great value to you, the ones that are excellent for and to you, and delivering exactly what you’ve asked them to.
Sometimes, organizations cut excellence out during the budgeting process, whether it’s internal or external. These types of cuts affect the way you demonstrate value to your membership, partners, and industry. Don’t cut the folks who are doing the best work internally and don’t cut the small businesses and consultants if you really value them and their work.
There’s a large impact on the small business when a client cuts them. It’s not a trickle down, it’s a waterfall effect. Small businesses hire full time employees to fulfill client work, they offer health care, they provide a 401k program, and so on. They give them all benefits that you, as the association, may not be able to do at scale for all these people if they were part of your full-time staff. Small businesses scale those benefits and are able to do so because you’ve hired them to do the work. Think about those things as you go through your budget cycle.
If you really love small businesses, don’t go to your board meeting and say, “Hey, we reduced our budget and we cut all of the consultants.” I would argue that you cut excellence out of your organization. A lot of these small businesses really deliver for you and that’s what I think you may need in your organization to thrive.
For those of you who keep hiring us, engaging with us, and keeping us on the books – THANK YOU! Thank you from myself and our entire team here at The Moery Company.
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