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Hi, I’m Stuart Roy, I’m The President of Strategic Action Public Affairs. We’re a public affairs and communications agency dedicated to storytelling.
After about a decade or so on Capitol Hill and working on various campaigns, I put together this agency to help trade associations to companies effectively and persuasively tell their stories to advance their goals. And advancing goals is the key part of that statement. So quite often, I’m asked and what does that mean? So often, that’s legislative and regulatory advocacy. And just as often it means crisis communication. For instance, we want to put together a coalition of like-minded people and organizations to reverse a billion-dollar earmark. That was in a bill and in another situation, we were able to remove a massive regulatory threat for a client by putting together another communication and advocacy effort and that cleared the way for a $28 billion merger.
Sometimes it might be more mundane or more run of the mill writing for our C suite clients writing speeches for our CEO clients. Now, on a personal level, what most people know about me outside of the work environment is I was once almost killed by a flying Pitchfork. It’s a story too long for right now. But it must have been a slow news day because it made national news repeatedly, you’ll have to google it for yourself.
One thing you won’t have to look up is the effectiveness of the programs that The Moery Company can put together to solve what has to be your associations biggest challenges, those being revenue growth, membership, sponsorships, and alike. As a boutique firm, they are very nimble, which is particularly important right now. And they’re great helping associations adjust from in person events, which we’re used to. And now moving to more digital events and making sure that your partners and that your sponsors see the value in those events, hopefully we’ll now be moving into a more normal environment at some point in time sooner, they’ll help you be able to shift that right back. And that’s why I jumped at the opportunity to join and serve on the advisory board for The Moery Company when I was asked a few years ago. And that’s why I recommend JP and the team to my own clients. I know that my clients will see the value in that partnership, and they’ll see revenue growth and they’ll see a growing strong relationship with The Moery Company. So, I hope to see you soon also working with The Moery Company.
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