The Power of Association Research: Amplify Interest, Revenue, and Advocacy



In today’s fast-paced world, association research has become an indispensable tool to navigate complex landscapes, gain a competitive edge, and deliver value to their members. Research holds immense potential and offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond thought leadership. In this blog, we’ll explore the transformative power of research, highlighting its role in generating new member interest, supporting advocacy efforts, and unlocking new revenue streams.

Igniting Interest through Knowledge and Education

Association research can serve as a catalyst for generating interest among prospective members and an even wider industry audience. By conducting insightful studies and sharing the findings, associations can establish themselves as trusted authorities in their respective fields. Through research-driven content, such as trend reports or salary studies, you can:

a) Provide Valuable Insights:

Research allows associations to delve deep into industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices, equipping readers with valuable knowledge that can propel their organization forward or spur professional growth.

b) Foster Networking and Collaboration:

By disseminating research outcomes, associations create platforms for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Organizations and potential industry partners may take notice, as well, which can lead to new opportunities for your association. Opening up discussion forums for your research can promote networking and help you cultivate a vibrant community that thrives on innovation and continuous learning.

c) Enhance Thought Leadership:

Thought leadership, backed by research and reliable data, can position your association as a go-to source for industry expertise. This can help with member recruitment as well as enhance your reputation to facilitate new partnerships. Our Business Sentiment Study research is an outstanding example of how association research can benchmark leadership and peer insights into the health of your industry and finances.

Amplifying Advocacy with Data-driven Insights

In an era of data-driven decision-making, research plays a pivotal role in supporting advocacy efforts. Associations can leverage robust research findings to:

a) Influence Policy and Legislation:

Armed with compelling data and evidence, your associations can advocate for favorable policies, regulations, and standards that benefit your industry and your members. For example, a trade association representing renewable energy might commission research highlighting the economic and environmental benefits of renewable technologies to influence energy policies. Our Economic Impact Study & Forecast Research is an example of one of the most popular research programs Big Red M implements for our clients.

b) Address Industry Challenges:

Research enables associations to identify and address critical challenges within their industry. By analyzing market trends, consumer preferences, and technological advancements, your association can propose innovative solutions and influence stakeholders to drive positive change.

c) Shape Public Perception:

Research-backed advocacy campaigns can help associations shape public perception and dispel misconceptions surrounding their industry. By highlighting the positive impact of your sector through research findings, your association can promote a favorable image and build public trust.

Monetizing Research for Sustainable Revenue

Research has the potential to become a significant revenue stream for associations. By adopting strategic approaches to monetization, you can unlock financial opportunities while continuing to provide value to your members. Here are some avenues for generating revenue through research:

a) Sponsorship and Partnership:

Associations can collaborate with other organizations within the industry to sponsor research projects. For instance, a trucking association could partner with a tire manufacturer to research the impact of tire technology on fuel efficiency. In return, your sponsor/s will receive branding opportunities. To create a revenue-generating research program that is paid for by industry partners and can grow year over year, check out our Sponsored Research programs as an unparalleled answer to building a sustainable non-dues revenue stream.

b) Subscription-Based Models:

Associations can create premium research offerings available exclusively to members or offer tiered subscription plans to non-members and members alike, providing varying levels of access to research content based on membership levels.

c) Consulting and Training:

Building on research expertise, associations can offer consulting services and training programs based on research findings. This not only generates revenue but also enhances your association’s reputation as a trusted advisor.


Research holds immense power for associations, propelling them forward in terms of interest, advocacy, and revenue. By investing in research initiatives, your association can drive member engagement, influence policy decisions, and create sustainable revenue streams. The transformative impact of research enables associations to establish themselves as knowledge leaders, driving positive change and fostering growth within their industries. Embracing the power of research will undoubtedly be a mechanism for success in the evolving landscape of association management. For an extensive list of research programs visit our Research Programs page, or contact us for a free strategy call!


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