The Reasons NOT to Start a Company.



After starting a business nearly 6 years ago, I have some honest advice for entrepreneurs who want to…

  • Hang out my own shingle.
  • Run my own thing.
  • Be a CEO.
  • Be a President.
  • Build something that’s mine.
  • Act on my great ideas.
  • Put my company name on a race car.
  • And, of course, BE THE BOSS!

If that is your motivation, stop and re-think it because here is the reality – you are “last” and will be for a very long time.  Here’s what comes before you…

  • Your customers, because they decide if you get paid or not.
  • Your employees, because you damn sure can’t do it all.
  • Your banker, your accountant, and your lawyer because you likely don’t know that stuff.
  • Your spouse and kids, because they still need you, and you them.
  • Your prospects, because they want a proposal.
  • And, there are more … but, believe me, they all come before you.

So, let your ego go – because it won’t be satisfied and will keep you from focusing on those who really matter for a successful business.
But, I’ll also let you in on this secret.  This could be the ride of your business life! 


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