The third part of a successful sponsor program: Target Market



Many associations are seeking a stimulus to catapult sponsorships into a new era.  In recent years, I have seen organizations transition from association need – “pay for our Danish” to sponsor need – “what goals can your business achieve?”  This is certainly progress.
However, a third way may take our programs to an unprecedented level.  Consider re-engineering the sponsor prospectus with the target market as the first step in your design.
For example, what will enhance the attendee experience in a substantive way?  How can a sponsor’s service assist in delivering the improvement ? And, finally, can the association wins by having two satisfied audiences – audience and sponsor.  This is the classic win-win-win, which is a tired phrase but an extremely effective goal.
Since you may be having a conversation with sponsors, or developing the prospectus for next year it might be a good time to try these tactics.
1. Scour member/attendee surveys for opportunities to improve experiences.
2. Identify new sponsorships to help address these enhancements.
3. Approach the most appropriate sponsors with a unique opportunity to make their target market happy.
It just might be the collaborative success everyone is looking for.


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