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Hey, I have something new to talk about today. We just had a great sales team meeting and started implementing a training tactic I’ve used at several organizations. It’s called the “Hat Trick.” Now, it’s not necessarily a trick; it’s an awesome methodology to train your sales team. Really simple.
So, first, you find a hat. We use a former version of the Big Red “M” cap, and we type up a series of objections that we’re getting during the sales process.
Here are a few examples we hear in our member recruitment efforts, “We used to be members and felt like the association only represented bigger companies,” or “You’ll advocate on my industry’s behalf without me joining.” They go into the hat.
We bring the sales team together; someone pulls a name and an objection from the hat, and he or she attempts to best address it. The exercise is very effective, and I recommend that you do this on a regular basis.
The process allows you the chance to hear the objections live in person and then evaluate and give feedback. And everybody can participate and say, “Hey, that was really good, but let me tell you what I tried on that objection and how it worked.”
So, that’s how we play the game. And we go around the whole sales team, and everyone gets a question. This is a strong training program, with a few additional advantages.
One is, the exercise is repeatable. You’ll get objections forever.
Secondly, it’s lifelike. You can role play. You can do it live. That makes it more real. So much more effective than watching a presentation on YouTube or reading a book about sales training.
And then third, you start to get some uniformity around your responses. 80% or more of the objections that you hear, whether it’s memberships, sponsorships, ads, or exhibits, are the same, over and over, and over again.
This exercise allows you to scale your responses that are effective for your sales folks. So, the hat trick is a great one as you’re training your team in 2019.
Hey, I hope this is helpful to you. A little tip from The Moery Company. We wish you the best of luck and if you need any help on these issues or others, give me a shout at


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