The Trade Show Isn’t Dead; It’s Just Different



At my previous association, tradeshows were a big deal. It was the place and time to find new business opportunities, build face-to-face connections, and learn about the latest trends in the industry. How are associations meeting those goals when the trade show is cancelled?
Over the past few months, one of my clients has transitioned from an in-person tradeshow to a virtual platform that still meets these goals, and much more. Virtual platforms continue to allow companies to showcase their knowledge and expertise and build relationships; however, now the relationships last long after the event is over.
I am in the “field” daily, making calls to prospects that desperately need to reach out to their audiences and find new ways to engage while in-person meetings are put on hold. The virtual exhibit space is offering new possibilities and associations and their members are hungry for something creative and innovative.
Virtual exhibit space allows companies to create customized profiles with product or service marketing materials; set one-on-one appointments with conference attendees with the click of the button; and most importantly, show prospective customers they are the right partner to help them succeed.
The days of walking a trade show floor may be a distant memory… for now. Until they return, there are endless possibilities to conduct business and succeed in the virtual environment.
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