The Value of an Association Membership



One of the things that I think is really important – and available for all of your associations to use right now – is the unprecedented narrative. A story that you can tell current and potential members about the value of membership with your association during hard times. Your member companies are probably reducing budgets and possibly eliminating staff – doing whatever it takes to cut their way out of a revenue hole. However, in this particular environment, keep association memberships is probably one of the best decisions that they can make.
Right now, you have the opportunity to connect people and deliver business development opportunities that maybe other groups are unable to get without your association. There are regulations that you have to comply with and government relations things that you have to cover that without the association – and maybe without staff – you couldn’t do.
The association membership enables you to cover those areas. There’s certifications, education, and professional development that the association provides exclusively for members. I know that you may think you’ve got headwinds here… I think the association membership narrative is one of the best ever.
That when budgets are cut, when staff is reduced, when there’s little bandwidth, that’s when the association play is the very best. Go for it.
Here’s the other thing I know – we see it from our data – if you’re out in the field, you’re going to take advantage of those opportunities. As Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take. Got a great value proposition, get out in the field, and deliver.


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