The Value of Chapters and Local Affiliates in 2021 – Association Field Report (February 5, 2021)



Hi everybody, welcome to observations from the field. I’m covering the value of chapters and local affiliates to association in 2021.
I have observed a great opportunity for associations right now. Many of us have chapters, local affiliates and organizations that we work with.This year we have the opportunity to set clear expectations, determine roles and see how each component of the “federation” provides value to your ecosystem.
Before the pandemic, associations were moving away from chapters and local affiliates or their role was unknown. We went direct to consumer and member with a lot of services.
With the current environment, I see a huge upside of chapters and local and regional combined with national to be an extraordinary value proposition.
I look forward to talking to you more about it soon. Keep abreast on this, I think it is going to a good one for you.
Best wishes.


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