Things That Matter: Building a Personal Connection Throughout the Sales Process



Before joining the Moery Company, I worked in association membership and marketing roles, which taught me how valuable member relationships are.

Not only do you develop personal relationships with the members you are servicing, but more importantly, the association staff is the “go-to” resource for questions, advocacy support, business advice, networking, and so much more.

After working with a long-term client on their sponsorship program for the second year, it was easier to connect with the members because they knew who I was and that I had their best interests in mind. I wasn’t out for the sale; I was there to help them find the best opportunity to meet their company’s goals. In the first year, I laid a foundation and built a personal relationship, and became a trusted resource in year two.
In my experience, the secret to being successful in association sales is simple:

  1. Take the time to build the relationship.
  2. Follow through on your commitments.
  3. Go into every conversation as a listener and take an interest in the prospect’s business and goals. 

Your clients and members will remember you and seek you out as their “go-to” person when they have marketing needs and are seeking a return on their investment.


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