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The Big Red “M” has spent the last few of weeks thinking through our return on investment (ROI). Our goal has been to create a snapshot representative of the value of our services that our association partners and prospective clients will understand. I recommend the following steps in developing the “big picture” reflective of your ROI:
#1 Start with the Numbers – We retrieved our sales data from the last three years.  Data included what we charged clients for both retainer and commission, and what we sold on their behalf. We worked the numbers to calculate growth and ran comparisons of what our clients pay us versus what the client receives.
#2 Show in a Graph – I have always believed if you can tell your story with a picture or graph – do it. The visual is much more effective than throwing a bunch of numbers on the screen.  Use those mad Excel and PowerPoint skills to tell a story.
#3 Describe the Deliverables – We know what we do every day for our clients. But do we effectively communicate this in a meaningful way a customer or prospective client will understand? What is the “Value Added” to their organization? Spell it out.
#4 Assign a Value or Dollar Figure to Your Work – We took the hard costs of the resources we provide to a client – labor, digital expertise, marketing software, and sales and management experience. And, these figures added up and reinforcing our ROI.
Breaking down and illustrating the numbers, the deliverables, and the value is an essential marketing tool and should be added to your corporate profile, prospectus, and proposals.
Diane Moery is the COO at the Big Red “M.” Connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.


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