Thought Leadership From Intern, Taryn Young, on Her Experience at the Big Red M



My experience interning at The Moery Company this summer:
My experience at The Moery Company has given me an outstanding amount of insight into the business and association world. I began in the Business Diversity Leadership Program in early 2021, which was a great program to learn the business basics and obtain key tips to run a business. As I kept learning, I wanted to be able to take upon the task of helping a business and that is when I asked, hoping for an internship.
The Moery Company provided me with this experience, being able to dabble in numerous parts of the company. It has been a great learning experience that has gone by way too fast over the summer. Being given the ability to intern as a high school student has taught me so much at an early age. With that, I now can apply my business tactics and lessons in college as I start my career.
I didn’t only learn tactics and lessons, but Mr. and Mrs. Moery have given me the ability to create connections within The Moery Company and I have made relationships that are bound to last! I can’t wait to see what The Moery Company does in the future and I’m glad to be a part of this big family.


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