Three Observations for CEOs



I have spent the last few weeks attending association events, recruiting members and meeting CEOs. There have been three observations I wanted to pass along to my CEO friends.
Events: Too much association “busywork” content is sucking energy out of general sessions.  There is a place to recognize volunteers, pass the gavel, etc. but frankly 90 percent of your attendees don’t care and find it a waste of time.
Communications: Roll video!  In the last ten days I have seen groups using video to launch a PR campaign, raise PAC dollars and poke fun at themselves.  The last example garnered more than 10,000 hits.  Do you think the usual email blast gets that type of results?  It’s cheaper than ever before to use video, and you should.
Membership: I would bet most associations are delivering significant benefit and advice to non-members, and chief executives don’t know it.  Most often this is happening in the government affairs department.


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