Three Reasons You Should Own August





While many view August as “lazy” or “in recess,” I believe it is the most opportunistic month of the year.  Here is why – and, I’ve seen it play out over and over again.
#1 Competitors are at the beach.  Great! Hustle your business while others are enjoying a frozen drink.
#2 Prospects are available.  Many prospects are spending time away from the office.  However, upon return they are often available for calls, meetings, or other considerations.  And, this leads me to the important factor:
#3 Budget planning is underway.  Many execs are looking at strategic changes, new marketing opportunities or other shifts this month, which could provide an opening.  However, you need the unprecedented action in August to get on a new prospect’s radar.
I know it is a great time to unplug and recharge the batteries, but I recommend you keep your right foot on the gas! #associationhustle


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