Time Management vs Personal Management?- Ask JP #078



Hello, it’s JP Moery, with another episode of Ask JP. I had a question a couple of weeks ago; time management is key for anyone in sales, so what are the most successful time managers in sales doing that maybe the least successful aren’t doing?
I don’t think it’s time management; I think it’s personal management. How do you manage your work? Everybody has the same amount of time. Every week I like to take the big things that I want to accomplish and try to get the whole week scheduled out.  I’ll say these are the things I’ve got to accomplish, and these are the goals I want to establish during that timeframe around my sales efforts.
I also then say, here are some key accounts that I’ve got to make sure that I work with. I also want to spend a certain amount of time prospecting for new accounts. If you don’t schedule time out to prospect and reach new people, and maybe research those organizations that you might be a fit for, prospecting just doesn’t happen enough.
You’ll be working your pipeline all the time, and then if you don’t prospect and you close one or close loss some of those things in your pipeline, you’ll turn around and there’s nobody else there because you haven’t been prospecting.
Think about the main goals, look at your key accounts, schedule some time around that, and then allocate some of your management of your personal effort around prospecting.
Those three areas are probably going to set you up well on a weekly basis. Thanks for that question. Hope it’s helpful.
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