Tips for Tracking Dropped Members



If you do not have a list of dropped members, start building that now and establish a process moving forward. The point of keeping track of former members is to understand why they dropped their membership in the first place. Understanding why they dropped can improve current member experiences and convert them to active members down the line. Here are some tips to help keep track of dropped members:

Save your list to a place where you can access it at any time.

    • If multiple team members need access, save it to a shared folder. Your team should always be working off the most updated version to avoid confusion and clean-up down the road.

Establish a cadence of updating the list.

    • Whether it be monthly or quarterly, remove former members that re-join or add newly dropped members.

Make sure to assemble your list to be quickly sorted.

    • For example, enter the first name in one cell and the last name in another. Take that practice and apply it to all information you collect. For those familiar with working with large pieces of data in excel, you will know how important this is for managing duplicates and correcting contact information.

Every dropped member should have a reason why they dropped their membership. Having this knowledge is crucial so your team can now find solutions and ideally re-activate their membership. Tracking dropped members will give you that competitive advantage over others, so you know how to improve current members’ experience, convert former members into active ones, and prevent any dropped members in the future.

Empower your team with the information they need to begin to recruit dropped members and watch your dropped member list shrink.


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