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I had two great conversations about blogging recently, so I am inspired to pass on a few tips on how to get started.
First – don’t be concerned with creating cutting-edge content or attempt to be profound. Believe me; I am not profound. What I’ve learned is the importance to simply document and journal what you are doing in your business. Write down a paragraph or two about something that occurred in the course of your day: the sale you made or the sponsor you spoke with. Perhaps, write about the sponsorship deal that fell through or the member who confirmed she’d join, but didn’t in the end – and, what you learned from the experience. Write excerpts throughout the week on whatever is playing out for you.
And then, take the very best of the pieces you created and publish it on LinkedIn, post it on your Facebook page or through your WordPress website. It’s straightforward. Don’t view writing a blog as a daunting task.
 This blog model has several powerful elements:
#1 The stories are true.
#2 You don’t have to figure out a topic because the content is based on your experience at any given time.
#3 Your open approach and authenticity will truly resonate with others.
And, my final point. I just completed this process for you today with this content – a blog based merely on a conversation I had with a couple of folks. If you find my tips helpful and are inspired to begin your own blog, pass mine off to a colleague. I appreciate the share.
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