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Hi, I’m Mike Thomas, Senior Vice President of Sales for The Moery Company.  Current clients and prospects ask me all the time, what trends am I seeing out there in the marketplace with other associations?
Prior to the pandemic, my requests from clients and prospects were fairly consistent. Dues reviews, audit of sponsorship inventory, strategic planning facilitation, and membership and sponsorship sales.
The requests I receive now are much more in depth and urgent.  They aren’t looking for a simple refresh of their dues that haven’t been evaluated in the past five years. They’re looking at new membership categories for their association and they’re finding the need to make radical changes to their dues model. They have also discovered there’s more interest from other segments within their business to be members of their association which they’re now embracing.
In the past, some associations have relied too heavily on in-person meetings, and they’ve now diversified their non-dues revenue opportunities. They’re getting into new areas like thought leadership, digital advertising, sponsored webinars, and many other areas. These associations are now well positioned to sustain a canceled meeting.  When things are fully back, they are well positioned to have an amazing year next year.
On the sales side of the business, we’re getting asked to take a much larger role. Often times we were focused on a segment of sponsorship or membership sales for an association. Now associations are asking us to handle both.  We handle more segments for their association and getting the things that we never were involved with before like fulfillment, onboarding new members and membership retention.  We happily embrace this and we have been thriving in these areas in the past year.
Finally, in the last 20 months, strategic planning facilitation was the one thing we hadn’t been doing.  It has been put on the backburner, but we’re seeing that come roaring back. I’ve gotten many requests for strategic planning. Many starting up in December and January.
We’re looking forward to getting back out there and meeting with associations and their boards, as well as help them out in that area.  If we can help you out in any of these areas, feel free to shoot me an email at Thanks and have a great day.
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