Using Data to Build Resilience



One of my favorite things about being a Salesforce Administrator for a small company is the ability to implement standards around how to best utilize Salesforce. As a team, we have learned to store the most accurate and detailed information to improve sales and help our clients. It was apparent that our years of discipline around storing data would help us navigate the next few months when the world began to shutdown in the beginning of March.
One of our main goals was to keep day to day activity consistent, even if that activity looked different. We changed our messaging, sold new products, and enhanced current lists of potential buyers. We know that, as a sales organization, the effort today can pay off months later so it was critical to keep moving.
I provided the sales team concrete numbers, such as the average number of activities (calls, emails, meetings) it usually takes to close a deal, to make sure we were staying on track. Having that number in the business development manager’s back-pocket acted as a motivator and gave them a way to measure progress. We did not have to “shoot in the dark” and hope for the best. We knew what we had to do and how to do it. Not only did I witness our team maintain quality work for our clients, but I was able to prove it in the data. As we continue to navigate through the summer, I am closely monitoring how this affects our sales cycle.
Even though 2020 has proven to be a challenging year, I am encouraged by our resilience and am looking forward to watching the data as we move towards 2021.
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