Value in Your Government Relations Program – Association Field Report (August 20, 2021)



Hi there, it’s JP Moery from the field. My association friends, there’s never been more value in your government affairs program than today. Think about it, look at what you’ve done. Helping industries relaunch and stay open, an infrastructure bill that you’ve worked on, supply chain issues, maybe even trade intensive programs on DEI and workforce that you’re executing. Man, it’s an unbelievable time to showcase your Government Relations program and your team when you’re member prospecting.
Your GR team and your membership team must be integrated right now in membership development. Monthly calls to talk about the membership prospect pipeline, and what issues might affect the member prospects is a real key to your strategy right now.
You can think about some quarterly webinars on a key topic or issue or topic for nonmembers to make those prospects register, and when they do, these are called leads.  You may have identified their need by the topic that they’ve registered for. Look at those legislative priorities that you’re promoting.  Describe in detail the actual impact on your member companies, maybe through even a member testimonial.  If no one registers for the webinar or joins over those priority issues, maybe they’re telling you something, your legislative priorities and regulatory issues might be a little bit out of sync.
So, reconsider that issue as a priority. There may be a little bit of separation, and oftentimes mistrust between a government relations team and a membership recruitment operation.  Frankly, I don’t care. You know, the membership folks, think your Government Relations Team only goes to the Capitol, does sit in hearings, gives PAC money and goes to receptions. While your Government Relations team think that the membership folks are just used car salesmen that aren’t good enough to be a lobbyist.
Neither it’s true, you know that. But guys, the reason why they’ve got to work together right now is in many cases, it’s the reason why our associations were even developed in the first place to represent our industry and work hard on behalf of our members.  I think for a while there will continue to be uncertainty disruption or change in the non-due’s revenue area, but membership and government relations are here to stay.
Get those teams together. It’s the greatest part of your value proposition. Stick with it and do it strategically. and I think you’ll be successful in your membership prospecting this year. Best wishes to you. Bye-bye.
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