If You Do What You Love, Are You Really Working? – Ask JP #004



I really appreciate your questions and here’s the next one: do you really agree that if you love what you do that you aren’t really working?
No! I don’t believe that at all.
Here’s what I do believe in though: I believe that if you love what you do you will actually work harder at it, you will get better at it, you will put more effort into it, you will learn how to hone your craft, and make it even better than ever before. But, it’s still work.
You’re just going to have more energy because you love it, you’re going to work harder than ever before, you’re going to grind it out, and you’re going to do all those things to make yourself successful.
But, make no mistake, it’s still work. We don’t call it recess folks, we call it work. If you love what you do you, you will work at it even harder and that’s the secret.
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