How Should Associations Prepare for Change? – Ask JP #005



Hey, we got a question today! Ask JP.  Thank you for the question.
“What’s going to change in the association world in the next five years and how can associations prepare for it?”
This could be a long video but I want to highlight one thing that’s kind of a high-level issue and then one that’s a little bit more tactical.
The first thing is: mergers and acquisitions in the association world are going to continue to happen. Without a doubt, I’m having more conversations with CEOs that are looking to acquire and merge than ever before. What’s driving that? You’re starting to have members, or companies, that are looking at each other and they’re going, “Gosh, I’m a member of all these five different organizations, do I really need all of them?” And that’s absolutely occurring and it’s going to affect the association marketplace over the next five years.
The other thing is this: text communication with association members and prospects is going to be one of the biggest movers in the next two to three years in my view. And the second part of that is voice: Alexa, Google Play, whatever the heck it is. Texting, as well as voice activation of our content, is going to be a big deal. Let’s get on it right away!
Thanks for the question!
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