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Hey friends, just finished a webinar about referrals and testimonials with an association client and I want to pass just one quick thing along.
A lot of you might be asking whether it’s worth your time and effort to do a referral or testimonial program and, I get it, because here’s a lot of things that end up happening. One is they’re difficult to scale, right? It won’t be like there are hundreds of members willing to do a testimonial for you. Probably a handful, okay, so it’s difficult to scale.
And often the association makes the mistake of not being clear about what the expectations are, “Hey are we just going to use your name? Do I need names of prospects? And that’s all I need? I’m not going to use you in connecting us? Do I need you to make a phone call on my behalf? What’s the testimonial referral program look like?”
That’s a problem so you got to be really clear about that incentives. Make sure, and I’ve done this myself I’ve forgotten, to thank or update or keep people informed of what happened when I had the referral.
Also, be very specific about how you want to thank them, and you always have to thank them. But look at how they value the association. Can you give them a discount? Or a free registration if they love the meetings? Can you do something else based on what they find most valuable in your organization. Recognize that they are putting their reputation on the line so that’s another reason why not everybody’s willing to do it.
It’s a special group that’s going to be willing to be referral or a testimonial giver to your association.
And then finally: is it worth the time?
If you do these things the right way it’s absolutely worth the time because, believe me, that testimonial is better than any marketing brochure, any email campaign, anything you can ever do is getting that testimonial from a member about the value of the organization and a specific story about how you helped them.
Don’t forget to do it today.
Best of luck to you!


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