Webinar Sponsorship Pricing for Associations



One of the biggest topics of discussion in the association space right now is how to price webinar sponsorships.
However, I would like to reframe webinar sponsorships for you before we provide you with a recommendations and metrics.
Look at webinars as holistic endeavors, not just one offs.
You’re using these webinars to deliver critical information on the PPP program, providing insights on how to navigate reopening, and other important topics. There’s value in just doing it for that.
The membership experience is growing because of those webinars. Association are now connecting with “checkbook” members that, in the past, did not attend live events and now they’re more engaged in the association than they were previously. How will you continue to use this platform of content delivery to engage members and deliver value?
Now on to the sponsors themselves.
How can you deliver on your sponsor’s objectives? Do you know what they are? Do they want leads? Do they want names? Do they want face-to-face Zoom follow up calls with select webinar attendees?
You need to know what their objectives and needs are and think about how you and the webinar can deliver on those things before you think about pricing.
As for the pricing I would start here: three times the amount of your costs to deliver on your sponsor’s objectives in terms of marketing, platforms used, cost to hire the speaker, and more. Three times those costs should get you to a starting place, plus or minus 5% on a several different factors.
For example:
Is the webinar exclusive? Is the content unique and something that only your association can deliver? Plus or minus 5%.
Is it a popular platform that you have been able to bring people toward? Plus or minus 5%.
Can you deliver the target audience of the sponsor? Plus or minus 5%.
What is your past performance on your ability to execute on the program and your success rates? Plus or minus 5%.
Delivering any other type of sponsor objectives? Plus or minus 5%.
Is it critical and timely? Is it unique information? Plus or minus 5%.
Blend the factors that are important to your webinar and your sponsors to lead you to a place where your pricing will be relative to what the market value is.
What I’m concerned about is going out on these community platforms and you’re saying, “Hey, what’s the price of a sponsorship and what should it be for a webinar?” I haven’t the foggiest idea! You’ve got to look at your own association and what it’s delivering to come up with the pricing that’s right, the pricing that’s worthwhile, and how your ability to deliver it all for your members, your association, and your sponsors.
I hope that’s helpful. Keep moving forward.
Looking for additional resources? Check out our Webinar Sponsorship Template for items to include in your sponsorship packages. Or, check out our Virtual Event Sponsorship Program that was designed to help association pivot from in-person event sponsorships to inventory best suited for virtual platforms. 


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