Virtual Event Sponsors Expectations – Association Field Report (September 11, 2020)



I know a lot of you are in the field selling virtual sponsorships. I think it’s really important to have conversations with your existing and potential sponsors that will set you both up for success.
It’s important to know what your sponsors are thinking about before you start to pitch them.
Here are some questions to ask them to get a better understanding of their expectations:
You were a sponsor for our live events, what made you sponsor those?
What are your expectations for a virtual event?
Have you sponsored virtual events for other organizations; or have you been asked to?
What were the deliverables?
What are your expectations of those deliverables?
How did it perform? Were there any gaps? What can we change with our virtual program to make sure we deliver success for you?
Have an intentional conversation about the new platform and the opportunities because they may have different expectations. As I’ve mentioned in some of our other content, you might have people who were not active in your previous live programs who are now captivated by the prospects of virtual events.
Have those conversations that will help you sell and develop your business better on the virtual platform.
Hope this is helpful.
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