Webinar Preview | Embrace Digital Marketing (or Get Left Behind)



Join us on Thursday, December 5th @ 2:30pm ET for a free webinar where we will cover how to embrace digital marketing to grow your association.
Associations need to embrace digital marketing or get left behind. However, embracing digital marketing does not have to be overwhelming.  We are here to help!
JP Moery will be joined by digital marketing extraordinaire, Lyndsey Medsker, to demonstrate how associations seeking growth in membership and sponsorship can use digital marketing to turbocharge their efforts. Not only can your association use digital marketing to grow your revenue but also your brand awareness, event attendance, and open doors to new opportunities.
Our conversation will focus on the key traits for great association social media presence, the difference between platforms, and when to decide if paid advertising makes sense.
Register today by sending an e-mail to Amanda@moerycompany.com for your calendar invite or tap on the registration link at the top of this page.


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