We’ve Been Acquired by Advancea – Association Field Report (October 8, 2021)



Hello, everybody, it’s JP Moery, Observations from the Field and oh my goodness, I got the biggest observation of all time, from our perspective anyway. I am really excited about our company and a future partnership moving forward. This is a big announcement for us and thanks for watching.
The Moery Company has been acquired by association consultancy, Advancea.  Advancea provides technology, affinity solutions, sourcing and consulting for associations. They’re fantastic people and already making improvements to our company. It’s a great fit, because The Moery Company’s sales and marketing services are a great combination, and so I’m very excited about the future direction of this organization moving forward.
So let me tell you what this means to associations.
First, if you work with us right now, you will continue to work with the same team that your firm has over the last several years. All of our people are being maintained in their current roles.
Secondly, the services that we provided in the past are going to continue to be offered.  I expect some new ones coming very soon, there are going to be some great synergies.
Third, the Big Red M, The Moery Company will remain, the brand is going to continue. It just evolves into a new era and a next level. You might say, “well, what about you ole fella?” Well, look forward to providing some content and podcasts in these videos over the next several weeks. I’m going to continue to work on association projects for The Moery Company and running alongside the team making sure that this implementation is fantastic.
I look forward to doing that and helping you out at the same time. It’s going to be a great new era for The Moery Company.
So that’s the observation from the field. I’m so grateful that you watched and heard about this exciting new direction for the Big Red M. Talk soon, next week. Bye-bye.
Read full press release here. 
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