What Are 3 Main Take Aways From 2021? – Ask JP #098



What did you think of the last year? Three things come to mind.


    1. I didn’t realize all the adjustments we made a year ago to adapt and get through the pandemic, just how much that set us up for incredible strength over the final six months of the year. The things we did to adjust, make changes, and adapt our program worked for us.

    3. I had no idea that something would come up that was so transformational as an incredibly gracious offer to acquire our business. I learned so much going through that process. In that way, it was a great learning experience for 12 months.

    5. Finally, I didn’t realize much I missed coming home. I hadn’t been back for the holidays with family and friends for a year. We hadn’t traveled back to the old homestead, and the ability to do that on an annual basis and get grounded, be with family and friends, and be surrounded by unconditional love was something I didn’t realize how much I missed.

    I’ve thought a lot about this question, and I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much in one year.
    I wish you the very best holiday and a happy New Year over the coming days and weeks ahead. Best wishes. Bye-bye.

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