What Are 5 Accomplishments That Shaped Who You Are Today? – Ask JP #093



Hello there, it’s an episode of Ask JP. I had a question the other day, did you ever get anything right during business?
I’ve revealed a lot of failures and mistakes in the order to be transparent and vulnerable. People seem to like that stuff the most. However, today I want to share five things that worked out pretty well.

  1. We had a flexible workspace for more than a decade.
    • We always believed that work was what you did, not where you were. That was successful.
  1. We had a healthy sales mentality.
    • We made sure to let prospects know about the opportunity.  We then sorted out people who were interested and those that were not interested. It gave us a little bit of margin from the process.  I believe that’s a healthy attitude to have about business development.
  1. The sales platform we developed was a retainer plus commission.
    • I think that obligated both parties to really do the work. When you’re working on commission only, no one’s fully integrated and committed to the relationship.
  1. We had an abundance mentality.
    • We were willing to give away a lot of our ideas, through thought leadership on social media, speeches, and webinars.  We always thought that if we gave things away, and people liked the idea, they were more likely to work with us.  If they took that idea, well good for them.
  1. We focused on execution.
    • We were successful in realizing that people/organizations know what they should do most of the time, they just don’t do it, or they can’t execute it.  We became intensive about execution and taking the ideas that everybody says they want to do and actually doing something about it.


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