What does a virtual meeting sponsorship look like? – Ask JP #023



The most asked question I’m hearing right now is, “What does a virtual meeting sponsorship look like?”
Here are a few thoughts on inventory plus valuable observations.
Virtual meeting sponsorships can help you break down some of the old bureaucracy that stiff-armed opportunities for sponsors in the face-to-face, or in person, meeting setting. All these regulations, all this bureaucracy, and all these task forces telling you what you could and could not do. Now, we’ve got an environment to put an end to all that. In fact, I think your sponsorship sales team may find that some of the components that you could offer may be more attractive to the virtual sponsor.
What I’m seeing is that some of the virtual sponsorship inventory is not being offered for the live meeting or the face-to-face meeting format. Some ideas for virtual event sponsorships:

  • Track sponsorships.
  • Recorded sessions. Videos are uploaded to the meeting website along with the information about the sponsoring organizations.
  • Moderation of small breakout sessions or virtual networking opportunities.
  • Social media promotion of the virtual sponsor on all platforms that you’re using to promote the virtual program.
  • Virtual exhibit halls with scheduled and live face-to-face meetings.
  • Recorded meetings premiering at a later date.
  • Data on who visits your virtual website, your videos, your sessions, and more.
  • Sponsored sessions using vendor selected speakers delivering educational content. There’s little resistance in that area in the virtual sphere.
  • Segmented emails to specific audiences and members of the association that the sponsor wants to reach in the context of the virtual meeting.

My thinking is that there’s no need to double down on a flawed distribution model. In fact, now is the time to take the opportunity to enhance your live events with a virtual component. I think they can live together in a very space for your sponsors. Virtual sponsorships are here and they could be better than what some are offering right now.
Hope this is helpful.
Listen to Episode 241 of the Association Hustle Podcast to learn how to create your own Virtual Event Sponsorship Program or learn about our new program that was designed to help association pivot from in-person events and sponsorships to inventory best suited for virtual platforms.
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