What Does the Association Job Market Look Like Right Now? – Ask JP #072



On Ask JP today, someone asked me what the association labor market or job market looks like right now?
Man, I tell you what, it’s pretty dynamic. We’ve got some interesting things going on.
First of all, associations are having some challenges finding entry level, almost to mid-level management type of people in their associations. Why is that? Well, I think one component is certainly the unemployment rate is very low.  Here is a trend that I’m starting to see – entry level, mid-level management positions and associations are being gummed up with a lot of different job responsibilities.  I’m not sure the association can find the appropriate candidates because they’ve expanded the scope and the responsibilities of these jobs. That’s one thing that I think is challenging associations to find the right fit.
Here’s the solution for you though. I would reach into the college graduate market. 1) they are eager and 2) they can adapt. They’ve been through an incredible disruptive time in their schooling and entering into the marketplace. It’s exactly the type of adaptation, implementation, the nimbleness that associations need right now. Those are the exact qualities we want on our staff.
So, what I would encourage an association to do is, simplify the job descriptions, make them clear, and then look in the college market for some young people that are extremely bright and that are very eager.  They even showcase their adaptability in this new world that we’re in right now. Thanks for the question.
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