What Does The Moery Company Do? – Ask JP #050



Hi everybody. I’ve got kind of a unique ask JP episode. 
 My colleague Mike Thomas and I were on a call with a prospective client. The client very innocently said, “hey, I listened to your podcast and I’ve read your book, but is that all you do?” He wasn’t sure what our business was. It reminds me of the first time that Grace or Katie Jo, one of my daughters, was at go with your parent to workday. And he said, “well, what does your dad do?” My daughters responded, well, he just has a lot of meetings.” You have to continuously remind folks while you’re doing your content about your business model.  
 So, for those of you that watch the videos, but don’t know what we do, here’s what we do: we sell memberships, sponsorships, ads, exhibits and any kind of non-dues revenue for associations. That’s what we do every day. We made more than a quarter of a million calls doing it this year. We also take that information and combine it with qualitative and quantitative research. This gives our clients advice on how to grow their association; whether it’s a membership value proposition, a sponsorship, prospectus or pricing that you need to develop. So, it’s selling and it’s advice for associations. 
  That’s what we do. Thanks for the question. 
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