What Is the Best Business Advice You Have Received? Ask JP #051



Great question this week, “What is some of the best business advice you’ve ever received?” 
I asked my colleagues this question, so the answers will be reflected from their feedback. First, the sales teams’ advice is to listen, embrace silence and smile – even when you’re on the phone and no one can see you. Another piece of advice is to always be thinking about your prospect or the customer first. Don’t focus on what you’re going to say. Focus on what they are communicating back to you. This will provide you with the most nuggets that you need to provide the most value to them. 
 Thirdly, if there is a problem or miscommunication, don’t send them an email. Reach out to them by phone. And ensure everything is resolved by phone. Another piece of advice is to write them a handwritten note. It’s a great touch and well appreciated in today’s digital world. 
Lastly, keep moving forward. One step at a time. Especially now, just keep moving forward.  
 Thanks for the question. 
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