What is the Biggest Missed Opportunity? Ask JP #065



Hello everybody and welcome to Ask JP.
This past week I did a government relations association membership webinar, with my friends at SAGAC Public Affairs.
One of the questions posed to us was; what’s the biggest missed opportunity in government relations that associations might miss from the business development side of things?
The answer; You know when you have Capitol Hill fly-ins or gatherings around legislative briefings? If you think about the audience, it’s probably the most progressive and most expansive companies with the best leaders in the industry.
The people attending these understand the value of government relations and that’s why they participate. So, the biggest missed opportunity is the fact that your vendors and suppliers community don’t engage in that kind of program.
In order to meet the best people in the industry they have to gather with government relations activities of your organization. So, don’t miss the opportunity to connect the two.
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