What is the biggest opportunity for associations right now? – Ask JP #032



Question for today is, “What do you think is the biggest opportunity that associations have right now that they can take advantage of?”
I’ve got a great story to tell.
First, the answer is podcasting. And little bit of context first:
We publish a podcast weekly that is less than 10 minutes long per episode. We don’t do interviews very often, it’s mostly me riffing on a particular topic. The content is very focused on the association market so it’s a defined marketplace. The podcast called Association Hustle; you can find it on any of your podcasting platforms.
Here’s what we have seen recently and have learned: in March we had 325 downloads of our weekly podcast. In June we had 4,000+ downloads! I can’t even calculate the percentage of increase. That’s big. Those are big numbers.
My point here is that an intimate conversation is a fantastic communication vehicle. It doesn’t take a lot of money to launch one, either. My guess is our budget annually is in the hundreds of dollars. Hundreds, not thousands.
It’s important for your content to be defined so it doesn’t take as much work. In other words, I take existing pieces of content that we have used on other platforms and I use the podcast as an additional delivery mechanism. It’s a great way to reach more people. We don’t have 4,000 people reading anything else that we’re doing. This is why I believe that the number one opportunity for associations is still podcasting.
Don’t stop. Keep moving forward. Launch a podcast if you don’t have one. If you have one, launch more than one on different topics. That’s my advice today.
Thanks, everyone for watching, and we’ll see you next week!
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