What Is the Most Effective Way to Set and Achieve Goals?- Ask JP #053



Hey everyone welcome to Ask JP. Today I’ve got a great question – what is the most effective way to set and achieve goals?
The most important thing when it comes to goal setting is to develop a system that works for you that you will follow. Because too many goals are put together and are not reached or relevant by the end of the first week or month. To achieve your goals, you need a set plan, a change in behavior and a strategy.
In my own experience, I’ve developed specific goals and plans around metrics, numbers and revenues. When I was successful it was because I had a set plan and strategy to achieve my goals. I’ve also set smaller goals that are generic and holistic. So, I’ve implemented both big and small goals and some have worked, and some haven’t.
This year I’m going by the three do’s and three don’ts strategy. Which is focusing on three things that I’m going to do in 2021 and three things I’m not going to do in 2021. This strategy will remind me what needs to be done and habits I need to drop on a daily basis.
The most important thing is developing a plan that you can follow.
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