What Jesus Taught Me About Sales.



Recently, I have spent time studying the New Testament.  And, regardless of your spirituality or station in life, there are a number of incredible practices which apply to basic sales principles.
Good stories are a must:  Jesus’ ability to use parables to teach are woven throughout each of the Gospels.  And, they work.  In business development activity, your stories are much more valuable than the brochure describing your work.
You’re not selling. They are buying:  Upon examination of Scripture, Jesus does very little selling but is an incredibly empathetic ear to those people that need help the most.  The afflicted, poor and spiritually barren seek out Jesus throughout the incredible story.  In the most simple way, they have a real need.  Our job is to find those who need our help most.   Pull prospects  toward your offerings instead of a “push, push, push” tactic.
Hire well: The disciples and later Apostle Paul perform the most incredible organic spread of message in human history.  Early disciples of the church risked it all to convert the world.  Incredibly, most of these “characters” would not have made it through the traditional hiring process.  What can we learn from this in building our own teams?
Testimonials sure work: 2,000 years later the message still spreads, and often through the description of a personal, transformational experience.  How many of your clients are willing to provide a heartfelt example of what you have done for their career or company?


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