What Kind of Employees are Associations Looking to Hire Now?- Ask JP #052



Hello everyone, I’ve got a great question on Ask JP today.
Today I am going to cover the question “what kind of talent and employees are organizations and associations looking to hire right now?
I’ve been seeing a shift over the years from specialization to utility. A few years ago, specialization looked like communications person, event person, marketing person or salesperson. Today, we are seeing utility, which I think stems from the pandemic. Organizations, especially smaller ones, are looking for talent in multiple areas. You want someone who can hit for power, run the bases and has a decent club. They may not be the best at all of them, but can adapt to everything.
Think about your event platform. Can someone who is a 30 years of in-person meetings veteran adapt to a digital world? Can that person adapt and pivot to the new digital age we are living in right now? My view is multi-skill employees are going to be the key. Associations in particular should start looking at that when they develop their job descriptions and recruit.
So, when looking for employees look at their past performances and their successes. Do they have a good track record over a long period of time? It’s that striving for excellence over experience.
That’s my advice. Thanks for the question.
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