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Hello, everybody, it’s time for Ask JP. It’s after Labor Day, and my friend ask me this week what should I do now? Well, I got some observations for you first, I read an article in CEO Update where it talks about associations and reducing growth officers to their associations as members of the key staff leadership. I love the trend. We’ve been doing that for over a decade.
Let me kind of tee you up for growth here over the last several months of the year.  There are three key things that I’m thinking about that associations could focus on to really position themselves well.
First and foremost, review your membership renewal process with rigor, and make sure it’s much more than just billing. That’s going to set you up for a better renewal rate for the next year.
The second thing I would do, after this year kind of disruption and uncertainty around events, I would interview all your sponsors.  See what they want for next year, what their strategies are, how you might change it, and change the program if you want cash. These folks are reconsidering all the ways that they’re marketing their companies, and it is absolutely critical to ask them what their expectations are and what they’re trying to accomplish next year.  Your goal is to try to deliver that. I would almost position some of my programs to help my sponsors, get the metrics that they want out of their programming with you.
The final thing is reevaluate the workforce development program that you have in place. We’ve been interviewing literally hundreds of members and surveying them this year.  I can tell you, across almost every single industry, the number one topic challenge is workforce.  I’m not talking about a program that’s a new job board, I’m talking about new programs and policies that can help your member companies increase a couple things. For example, more people to hire, a more diversified pool of entry level and executives, DEI programs that are very tangible, and finally given the tools so they can recruit and market their company better for the labor force.
If you can move the needle on those things, I think your association is going to increase their value to the industry that you serve multiple times. Workforce, sponsorship interviews, and review renewal process. If you do those things, you’re teeing yourself up for a great end of the year and a great start to 2022. Good luck.
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