What Platforms Should Associations Use For Putting Out Content? – Ask JP #056



Hello everybody, welcome to another Ask JP.
The question – how do I decide what platforms to use in terms of social media and broadcast with a small Association? This question came from a call with seventy regional, local and state executives for a National Trade Association.
I’m seeing a great amount of growth surrounding audio content and podcasting. I’m also seeing growth on Clubhouse where it’s all audio driven. I would encourage associations to look at podcasting and get involved with Clubhouse.
It’s really important for smaller associations to try different platforms. We’re in a messy world right now, so there is no guarantee it will work out. It’s okay to try new things, be organic and authentic. As well as, get multiple people within your community to use those platforms on behalf of the Association. More voices, more platforms, see what sticks. It’s alright.
The benefit is, you’re going to be building awareness about your organization during the process and gaining attention and that is a good thing.
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