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Last week, I blogged on my failures in business. But, over the course of my 25-year career, I’ve observed its “bunk” that we learn more from failure – I’ve actually gleaned more from my business success. Here are a few nuggets of advice:
#1 To be truly successful, you need to be totally present – mind, body, and soul. You have to bring everything to the table – not just 90%; I’m talking “all in.”
#2 It’s to your advantage to be in good, physical shape – it takes stamina to be a corporate athlete – particularly if you frequently travel across time zones for business.
#3 Make that additional call or take that extra rep – don’t get lazy. The extra effort adds up in the overall.  I’m absolutely certain the additional attempts to make things happen really is the difference maker.
#4 Ensure your client is really clear on their expectations and the scope of work. Two-way communication is key and ongoing feedback is essential.
#6 Be confident in pricing your services fairly and hold your ground. No guilt. You have a business to run.  And, if the price is the issue then the client doesn’t have the cash or you haven’t made the case.
#7 And, always remember – someone else is trying to beat you to it; a personal challenge always gets my best.  And, doing your best is all that really matters.
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