What’s Going on in the Association Market? – Association Field Report (October 29, 2021)



Hello, it’s JP Moery, Observations from the Field for The Moery Company. What do I see going on out there right now?
One is the reemergence of strategic planning. 
Now that there’s some area of normalcy going on, we’ve seen a lot of associations that want to chart the future.  Associations are absolutely engaging in strategic planning processes currently.
The second thing I’m seeing is that this is the most intensive budget cycle, or rigorous budget cycle that I’ve seen in years.
It’s no longer copy and pasting last year’s budget. This is a new era for us, non dues revenue outputs continue to be a little bit uncertain, and that’s going to probably continue for the foreseeable future. So that makes budgeting a real challenge.
The third thing I’m seeing, we better start listening to our members and staff.
They could be bringing challenges, problems, or adjustments they’d like to see from the association, either as a member or an employee.  They need to at least be addressed or heard, or they’re going to walk. We’re in this what they call, the great resignation era, and I don’t want that to be your association.
Those are some Observations from the Field. I hope they’re helpful. Thanks for watching.
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