What’s the 411 on Association Membership and Leadership? – Ask JP #039



Recently, I had a great conversation with a really good friend of mine who is an association CEO and he asked, “What’s happening in the area of association leadership? And, in particular, around membership?” I shared some insights with him that I want to pass on to you.
The latter part of 2020 and all of 2021 is the year of the association! This is prime time for you because you’ve demonstrated what an association is all about. While industries were falling apart – and they needed help – companies came to the association. They came to the association to for representation on Capitol Hill so they could get into the CARES Act, for example. They recognize that associations were the one place where they could get government relations help without doing all the legwork themselves. They also realized that they came to associations to get information that they needed to navigate PPP loans, how to open their business, if they could open, how they could open safely, and now they’re needing us and our expertise and our insights on how to navigate PPP loan forgiveness, and so on. Companies come to you for expertise and advice like never before.
You’re reaching more people with the much-needed content and they come to you to get the best information and education delivered in a unique way. The delivery is no longer in a meeting room in one physical location but on a screen anywhere in the world. These folks are reaching out and consuming the information so that they can be better at their jobs and their professions and you’ve delivered on that.
This is the year of the association!
I’m more confident about your work than ever before. Are you? Moving forward, as we think about membership, I’ve got total confidence in that we will continue to have better return on investment from associations.
If you haven’t demonstrated your government relations influence then I don’t know what you’ve been preparing for over the last couple decades. Were you delivering so much information on Zoom calls and got tired of it? Did you complain about the platform? Did you avoid it? Those kinds of people remind me of the folks who thought that social media as an influencing communications vehicle was a fad. They didn’t like it because they didn’t want to be out in front. They didn’t want to showcase the expertise of the association. They felt like they could hoard the information.
And did those associations wait, wait, wait until the very end till they were forced to produce a virtual meeting? Or, were they proactive and take advantage of the opportunity that I know their audiences, sponsors, and industry appreciated?
Did you wait, wait, wait?
If you’re an association in the former category then I want to sell for you, please call me. If you’re an association in the latter category and you were not active in government relations, in engaging your members, and wait until you had no choice but to deliver a virtual meeting then I’ve got a competitor that will sell for commission only that I want to introduce you to them.
Two types of associations. If you’re the former, this is the best time ever for you. I know times are tough but you’ve done a great job. Let’s go into the field with that kind of confidence.
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