What’s the Problem?



Association business models are making a comeback.  Most of our clients are experiencing conference, sponsorship, membership growth.  Since fundamentals are improving, it might be time to turn over your apple cart as everyone is just cruising along.
The best leaders are finding out what problems they need to solve now.  The pit in your stomach stuff that comes into your mind Sunday evening as you’re putting a steak on the grill.
I am going through the experience at MoeryLAI.  Business is better than ever, and growing by the month.  Inbound requests are on the rise and referrals are coming in unprecedented numbers.
So, what is the problem?  Exactly.
It’s so easy to just ride that wave.  But, in all the celebration and patting ourselves on the back, key issues still need to be solved.  I’m sure the same opportunity for improvement exists at your shop.  However, it needs a diligent effort now before a lingering nuisance becomes a crisis.
For example, two things are really bugging me at MoeryLAI.
– Our marketing and on-line presence is just not up to snuff.
– Launching new projects often require a more clear definition of accountability and responsibility.
So, here is what you can do today to start engaging the challenges.
1. Appoint yourself as Mr/Mrs. Fix-it.  Develop a specific problem to solve as your responsibility.
2. Engage team members affected by the issue and map a collaborative solution.  Your staff could be frustrated on a challenge which continues to fester.  Working with you to solve it will be a great leadership example.
3. Break the issue into a few little “bites.”  The project probably takes some energy to solve or you would have already addressed it.  By putting a few tasks in place, you can develop some momentum.
It’s Spring Break this week in many places.  How about cleaning out that “junk drawer” by showing your leadership?


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