When Are We Going to Have In-Person Meetings Again? – Ask JP #058



Hello everyone, welcome to another Ask JP.
Many CEO’s that I am collaborating with keep asking, when are we going to have in-person meetings again? And what do you think about that?
It’s time to prepare for 2022. Organizations already have a plethora of assets including, podcasts, virtual meetings, webinars, videos, e-newsletters, and more digital inventory. We are connecting and engaging with members in so many ways right now.
The day might come this year when we can have an in-person meeting and that would be fantastic. My point is to prepare now, like it’s not going to happen for another year. Because this will enable us to optimize all of the resources that we have in the organization.
So, I am not predicting, and I don’t have an exact answer. But I’m telling you what I’m preparing for in my company and that is 2022.
Best wishes.
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