When to Fire Your Best Salesperson



I bet I’ve got your attention today with the headline. Let me give you some context. About a month ago, the Moery team came together, and we reconfirmed our values as a company. They are collaboration, dedication, and integrity. And we want an all-in attitude with everyone that’s on our staff, and frankly, we look for clients who share the same values.
In addition to your vision and mission, values are a fundamental part of establishing and building a new business. So, here’s my point about when to fire your best salesperson.
When someone on your team is not adhering to company values, you’ll be faced with a crucial personnel decision. What we sometimes see, particularly in sales, is a high performer who brings in the big business – but, doesn’t adhere to the values of your organization. This situation can be toxic to the work environment. So, you need to make the call regardless of their performance.
Here’s why. I guarantee your staff is waiting to see what you’ll do. In some cases, high performers have gotten away with bad behavior for some time. And, no one has called them on it because they’ve brought the numbers in. So “letting your best salesperson go” is one of the most important decisions you must make as a leader – your staff is watching.
If you don’t make the right choice, your staff will question the authenticity of the company values as well as your leadership. So, the decision to drop that high performer is clear – cut ‘em loose.
Just a quick postscript – this has never been an issue at the Big Red “M!”


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